Equestrian Clothing + Horse Tack


Riding helmet, riding breeches, riding boots, riding gloves ... until the riding equipment is complete, that takes time! Everything should fit, look good, be practical and functional. The clothing must be comfortable, must not be restrictive and should protect against abrasions or pressure points - the demands can be a little higher, after all, you want to use the riding equipment for a while. The right riding clothing is actually of great importance in this sport, not only when riding competitions, but also on the riding arena, during riding lessons or when riding off-road. 

Because safety should always have top priority when riding, there is not only riding clothing for every need in this category, but also safety vests for children and adults that provide maximum protection for the upper body in the event of a fall. By the way, riding safety vests are not only beneficial for beginners, because even an experienced rider is never immune from a fall. 

Summer equestrian clothing

In every season the rider should be dressed according to the prevailing temperatures. Riding clothing must be adapted to the weather, especially when riding off-road. In summer, light materials such as a cotton mix but also breathable functional clothing are advantageous so that the rider does not work up a sweat and then possibly cool down. However, even in summer it can of course come to a spontaneous and unexpected rain shower. Here are riding coats and rain jackets that can be folded up small, important utensils that should not be missing in your luggage. 

Winter equestrian clothing

Anyone who rides outdoors in winter absolutely needs the appropriate equipment, otherwise the fun is quickly over. Here, too, breathable functional materials have proven themselves. In general, the onion principle should always be used when it is cold, in which the rider wears several thin layers and, in case of doubt, can quickly take off or put on something. Fleece jackets or riding sweaters as well as riding gloves and lined riding breeches ensure that the rider does not get cold. 

Equestrian clothing for women and men

Certain standards and regulations apply to tournaments. Regardless of whether it's tournament riding, cross-country riding or riding lessons in the hall: In this category you will find everything from white blouses to western shirts and polo shirts to riding breeches and riding jeans with grip or knee patches. Not to forget our shirts, jackets and riding coats, which are suitable for a wide variety of weather conditions. Comfortable, breathable and functional riding clothing is the basic requirement for ensuring that fun doesn't fall by the wayside. 

Children's equestrian clothing

Riding is not only popular with girls - boys are also increasingly enjoying this great hobby. We also have a good selection of riding clothing for children in our range so that the little ones are always dressed correctly and appropriately during riding lessons or when riding out. And here, of course, the look shouldn't be neglected - horse motifs, prints or glittering emblems adorn the riding sweaters and other items. 

The right riding boot 

In addition to clothing, the right riding boot naturally also plays a major role in riding equipment. In this category you will find riding boots made of leather and rubber riding boots for both adults and children, as well as other helpful little things such as spurs.

Regardless of whether it's riding breeches for women and men, riding breeches for children or oversized riding clothing - the selection in the HKM shop is so large that everyone can find the right piece of clothing for themselves. In addition, our riding clothing is cheap, functional and of high quality.